and a Toothbrush

OK, I admit it. There are four things you must have to go off grid. A vehicle, a sleeping bag, a stove, and a toothbrush.¬†We’re going to go far far over the horizon, beyond cell towers, past all the towns, down a dirt road into the middle of glorious nature. Of course we’re bringing a toothbrush! There’s nothing that feels more civilized off grid than to brush your teeth; it’s just something you have to experience.

The toothbrush represents all the personal stuff, perhaps even psychological baggage (which should be checked through to you final destination). Personal stuff like clothes, hats, bandaids are in the toothbrush category of the Off Grid Guide. The main thing here is to reduce. Bring the small things that are fun, pencil/paper. Leave the easel and the pallet, unless that’s your thing or if you have lots of room in the truck.

Take two, they’re small.