The Stove

The only stove you'll ever need.
The only stove you’ll ever need.

The stove is one of the lesser of the things you need to bring on the trip. Stoves cost under $20, so no big deal. We’ll cover the particulars. However, in the “Three Things” you need to bring, the stove represents all things kitchen, so in this section I’ll get into food, utensils, water, and, of course, coffee. For this post, I’ll stick to the stove, for the most part.

There are two practical paths to follow with stoves… wait for it… one burner or two.
I say one, but I’m a light cooker when I’m off grid solo. With a group, some feasting is in order! Regardless, just get the single burner that screws onto the Isobutane-propane canister. Then you can have coffee anytime, anywhere.

I got this stove for Burning Man in 1998 and it’s proven reliable. Just get this, it’s $20,  don’t forget to get a fuel canister. BTW: There are two types of fuel canisters propane and isobutane-propane. You want Isobutane-propane! The ‘stove’ is really just a fitting that screws onto the top of the canister (picture of the rig in action).

I list the items in my coffee kit more as a gauge for you to figure out what you’ll do about coffee than a prescription for how to do it. Perhaps the most important notion in play here (besides coffee) is just how hard it can be to find things when they’ve been stuffed in the back of a car, SUV, or truck. Packing is another subject, but I know you don’t want to go digging for coffee necessities in the morning.

My Coffee Kit

  • small Reviere water kettle
  • stove with canister (Isobutane-propane!)
  • plastic cone filter holder/filters
  • coffee (ground)
  • lighter (just leave it there)
  • green tea
  • sponge or kitchen towel (just leave it there)
  • fold-up wind curtain (new addition)