go off grid!

There’s a whole world just beyond the silly screen you are looking at right now. Just look outside the box you’re staring at. Just do it…

Most probably you will see something made by humans, a wall, a chair. Maybe you look out the window and see a road, a car, a tree. Not such a big deal, but it’s a start.

Now look outside this screen and find some small bit of nature (except for the human stuff, we are, after all of nature… but that another discussion!). Maybe it’s the tree, a plant on your desk, the grass. Sure, someone planted the tree and the grass, you put the plant, cultivated elsewhere, on your desk. But they are bits of nature.

Gaze at that little bit of nature and imagine being surrounded and embraced by it. You’ve been to the beach, parks, or even the mountains,,, you know what nature is. You know it when you see it, but do you know it when you feel it?