Check out MobileRik’s Build Your Own Camper

My first ventures off grid in the high desert were in my Toyota Tacoma pickup with a shell and plywood bed to sleep in. This configuration has been a cheap and reliable way to get out to nature, yet I’ve wanted to be able to sit ‘indoors’ when it gets windy – too short for sitting. I’ve been thinking of ways to fix this but couldn’t yet see how I would buy a 4Wheel Camper of my dreams at $11,000!

Was looking around for designs for a camper and found¬†Mobile Rik’s¬†site and got the book. His writing is excellent and relaxed. The best thing is that he wants you to figure out your own path, your own design in making your camper. He fuels the creativity by turning many design decisions back on you, the user. What is it you want, what kind of camping are you going to do? He’s a true offgridder!