The Middle of Somewhere

Canyonlands webcam – updates every ten miinutes at their site

Sometimes you wake up off grid and you ask yourself, “Where am I?” There’s a moment where it’s a question as you emerge from the strange place called sleep. I suppose anyone who travels a lot will experience this bewildering moment and get used to it. But when it’s off grid, the realization that you’re in nature changes your perspective on the day.

You awake, immediately you notice the air is so very fresh and clear. You can breath more easily than at home because while you’ve slept you experienced the clean air of the off grid with every breath. Perhaps the pines or sage or juniper waft faintly in the cool morning air. The sun is rising… just stay in bed for a sec …

National Park Service Webcam Image - Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon webcam image… changes every 15 minutes